Adoption Day! After 3,650+ days! Happy Adoption Day to the sweetest clients! They made official what has been in their hearts all along. Some things are really worth the wait. After 3,650+ days of love, they share the same name. We are honored to play a part in their family’s story.

New Baby United with Adoptive Parents! Another new family today! Adoption work is the best! 

The firm that dives together thrives together, right? Congratulations to our Paralegal, Cammi, on earning her scuba certification! Check out our Who We Are page to learn more about our awesome paralegal and the rest of our team members.

Happy Birthday to Attorney Hancock! Help us wish our founding attorney, Autumn N. Hancock, a Happy Birthday! She is a diligent and dedicated Attorney, Mediator, Guardian ad Litem. She is a hard working advocate and we are so glad she’s on our team. Happy Birthday, Autumn!

Inequities in the Law: Practicing Law as a Member of the LGBTQIA+ Community Check it out – We just received a copy of the most recent issue and we’ve excited to see Attorney Autumn Hancock’s article published in the Law Day issue of the St. Petersburg Bar Association‘s Paraclete Journal! Inequities in the Law: Practicing…

Passion for Helping Children A passion for helping children. That’s what drives everything we do.

New Child Welfare Laws Legislative Update: HB7065 was signed into law today, codifying a large child welfare package bill, which includes the following actions:

Early Child Tax Credits in Family Law Cases A tip from Mangrove Financial for dealing with the early child tax credits. This issue is confusing to many and is discussed daily during our mediations or with our own clients. If you received early child tax credits, those who received early payments in 2021 should be…

Happy Birthday, Trisha! Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our amazing administrative assistant, Trisha!

It’s National Houseplant Appreciation Day! It’s National Houseplant Appreciation Day! Do office plants count? Show us your favorite!This plant is a survivor! She lives between our stacks of “to be filed” papers on top of our smallest filing cabinet and she brings us a little smile every day. The pot was a Mother’s Day gift…