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No more wondering how your case is progressing, what’s required of you, or having to take a day off work to meet with your lawyer. Hancock Law Firm is harnessing advanced technology to provide each client with a state of the art electronic client file accessible online. This makes it easy to stay connected to your lawyer and expedite case requirements. It saves money, conserves paper, and enhances security. Our client portal gives clients 24/7 access to their electronic client file from any computer or smartphone, all in a secure SSL encrypted cloud environment, preserving important attorney-client privileged information. The client portal also allows clients to upload sensitive or large files directly to their virtual client file and to securely share information or documents with their attorney. Once you have registered, you can visit your personal and secure virtual client file at any time and from any computer or smartphone.

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You have multiple options for how to pay for your legal services, which include cash, check, credit or debit card, and installment loans.


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