“What it does not require is colorblindness or “post-racialism” or “racelessness” — if you are choosing not to see your child as Black, the message you are sending is that you value your child only if you strip away something that is integral to her identity, her existence and her sense of self. We will…

Contested Adoption & Litigation Strategies Conference This hotel makes fraps and has beautiful sunrise views. Excited to be here for Contested Adoption & Litigation Strategies and the Florida Adoption Council meetings for the rest of the week!

Adoption Day! After 3,650+ days! Happy Adoption Day to the sweetest clients! They made official what has been in their hearts all along. Some things are really worth the wait. After 3,650+ days of love, they share the same name. We are honored to play a part in their family’s story.

New Baby United with Adoptive Parents! Another new family today! Adoption work is the best! 

Happy Birthday to Attorney Hancock! Help us wish our founding attorney, Autumn N. Hancock, a Happy Birthday! She is a diligent and dedicated Attorney, Mediator, Guardian ad Litem. She is a hard working advocate and we are so glad she’s on our team. Happy Birthday, Autumn!

Contested Adoption Trial Update: WE WON! ADOPTION TRIAL UPDATE: As many of our followers and clients know, Autumn spent the past 6 weeks deep into trial preparations and spent the end of August in trial on a very contested termination of parental rights and adoption case. Today we receive the ruling and… WE WON!! Our…

Happy Adoption Day! Adoption day! We are so honored to help another family finalize their adoption today! This family has been trying to complete their adoption for 2 years, so Attorney Hancock was delighted when they called to ask her to step in and help them they get it done. Today marks the end of…

Consideration Before Adding Yourself to Your Parents’ Deed This article is not Florida specific but points to some important considerations. Too often, clients call us to fix these issues after the fact instead of seeking advice before making a mistake. Before putting your name on your parents’ deed, be sure to investigate the tax implications.

Happy Birthday, Trisha! Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our amazing administrative assistant, Trisha!

Happy Adoption Day!! Just finished our last court hearing of the year – and how perfect that it was an adoption finalization! We are so honored to play a role in formalizing the bonds shared by this incredible family! Happy Adoption Day!! #adoption#adoptionislove#adoptionday#Lawyer#adoptionlawyer#newyear