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It is common knowledge that the death of a family member can be devastating but it is often forgotten how overwhelming it is to handle the affairs once they’re gone. When someone dies, the Trustee or the Personal Representative they designate is charged with many responsibilities and duties which include paying bills, filing taxes, preserving assets, and distributing assets to the beneficiaries.

If a family member passed away without a Will or estate plan or if you were named as a Trustee or a Personal Representative, call our office today for a free consultation. Attorney Autumn Hancock can help you, no matter who prepared the Will or the Trust documents, or even if there was no Will.

We offer a multitude of Probate services, including:

  • Trust Administration
  • Probate
  • Summary Administration
  • Distribution without Administration
  • Formal Administration
  • Guardianships
  • Elder Law

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Flat Fees*:

Some activities may be charged at a flat rate, rather than hourly. This is intended to provide clients with certainty about the final fee, and to encourage clients to make contact as necessary (without worrying about increases in the bill for each contact). If you don’t see what you’re looking for in this list, please contact us to request a price quote. The following fees represent our “usual” flat-fee charges for uncomplicated matters:


  • Formal Administration – Base fee of $4,750 plus applicable percentage
    •  1.5% of Gross Estate over $100,000 but under $1,000,000
    •  1.0% of Gross Estate over $1,000,000
  • Summary Administration – Base fee of $3,500.00


  • Guardianship for Incapacitated Person – $3,500 plus costs
  • Guardian Advocacy for Person with Developmental Disability – $2,500
  • Voluntary Guardianship – $2,275

*Contested matters, unanticipated complications, and extraordinary activity may incur hourly billing