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Rewind Time.

We all have things in our past that we would like to erase. Fortunately, the law in Florida acknowledges the fact that a fleeting misstep that gave rise to criminal charges shouldn’t always be a blemish on your reputation for the rest of your life. Are you tired of a mistake haunting you on job applications and background checks? There is hope.

Hancock Law Firm, PLLC is a St. Petersburg, Florida law firm offering effective and capable legal representation to people wishing to seal or expunge their record for criminal offenses in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, and surrounding counties. If you would like information sealing or expunging of your criminal charges in Florida, contact an attorney at Hancock Law Firm for immediate assistance.


Generally, Florida law allows certain criminal arrest records to be either sealed or expunged. This means you can deny that the record exists in all but a few instances, and it will not show up on most background checks.

Although there are many seemingly complicated rules that determine whether an individual will qualify to apply to have an arrest record sealed or expunged, Hancock Law Firm will handle every aspect of your petition to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record.

Generally, Florida law states that for certain qualifying offenses, an individual may be eligible to have their records sealed or expunged. The law also provides that an individual’s criminal record be free of any prior convictions in order to be eligible. An individual can only take advantage of sealing or expunging their record one time only.

What is the Difference between Sealing and Expunging My Record?

When a record is Sealed, the general public will not be able to access any information. There are, however, specific exceptions to this general rule. There are certain entities that can still access the sealed record They are as follows:

  1. If you are seeking employment with a criminal justice agency.
  2. If you are the subject of future criminal prosecution.
  3. If you are seeking to be licensed by the Florida Bar to practice law in the State of Florida.
  4. If you are seeking employment, to be licensed or contract with the Department of Children and Families, Agency for Health Care Administration, Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Department of Juvenile Justice.
  5. If you are seeking to be employed or licensed by the Department of Education, certain types of public schools, private schools or child care facilities.
  6. If you are seeking employment or access to one of Florida’s seaports.
  7. If you are seeking to purchase a firearm.

When a record is Expunged, the above entities will not have access to the record. They may be informed that a record has been expunged but they will be denied access to the record itself.

For both sealing and expunging, with some exceptions, you may lawfully deny that the record exists. In other words, you can rewind time.


The journey to getting a record sealed or expunged can be lengthy and involved. The process will require contact with the Court, the State Attorney’s Office, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Hancock Law Firm, PLLC is currently offering seal and expunge packages for only $975 plus costs.

We would love to help you to clear your record, help your employment prospects, and restore your reputation.

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