Just finished a trial in a matter that was literally the most important thing in this entire world to my client. Sometime is feels heavy to carry these things on our shoulders but it’s the BEST when we can hand them back to a client who’s so happy with the outcome that he can’t speak but to softly utter the words “thank you.”

Very happy to be spending the next 2 days in this Interdisciplinary Training Group working on the Collaborative Divorce process with a fantastic group of attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals, life coaches, child specialists, and facilitators. This is the future. I wish that all of our clients could engage in this process to divorce in the most empowering and least destructive way for their families.

We aren’t located in Tampa, so we don’t get this magazine and we weren’t even aware of this until someone else showed us. We are incredibly honored to announce that our attorney, Autumn N. Hancock, Esq., was chosen by her peers as one of the top 5 attorneys in the general family law category and the ONLY one who is located in Pinellas County. It’s an honor to see Hancock Law Firm recognized among this list of incredible attorneys. Thank you so much for recognizing the hard work we are doing to take care our clients!

We have few extra test kits at our office today if you’re willing to get tested. You could be the 1/500 person to save this baby’s life. Without a match, she only has a couple weeks left. PLEASE stop by the office today to get your cheek swabbed. Save her life.

Family searches for bone marrow donor for their 1-year-old daughter
A mother is desperately trying to find the perfect bone marrow match for her 1-year-old daughter, who has acute myeloid leukemia.
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April 07, 2017 at 02:30PM

This afternoon, I ran through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A to grab some lunch. After a long wait, I pulled up to the window and was greeted with “Thanks, Ms. Hancock, enjoy your lunch!” As I inquired about paying for my food, I heard “The gentleman in front of you asked that I thank you for everything you do for First Responders and your community. He wanted to do something for you today.” I have no idea who you are but, if you can see this post- thank you! It’s amazing what a little kindness and appreciation can do to change someone’s life. This gesture made my day- thank you, sir!