Hancock Law Firm is 7!

On August 7, we celebrated the end of our 7th year serving Florida families.

Each year at this time, we pause to reflect and to remember that the passion that drives us each day is to make a difference in our community, one child at a time and one family at a time.

None of this would be possible without YOU, our clients and supporters.

You have entrusted us with your adoptions, your mediations, your family law cases, and all your legal needs throughout these seven years. And, you’ve shared us with your families and friends.

We are truly grateful for you and honored to be a small part of your story!

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Inequities in the Law: Practicing Law as a Member of the LGBTQIA+ Community

Check it out – We just received a copy of the most recent issue and we’ve excited to see Attorney Autumn Hancock’s article published in the Law Day issue of the St. Petersburg Bar Association‘s Paraclete Journal!


Inequities in the Law: Practicing Law as a Member of the LGBTQIA+ Community

Happy Mother’s Day!!

We honor the mothers today- and we are grateful for you- for the hopeful mothers, for the stepmothers, for the grieving mothers, for the birth mothers, for the adoptive mothers, for the surrogate mothers, for the foster mothers, for the grandmothers, for the lonely mothers, for the mothers in heaven, for the exhausted mothers, for the single mothers, for the selfless mothers, and for the helpers of moms- we honor you today and every day. We are wishing you peace and love on Mother’s Day!

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Passion for Helping Children

A passion for helping children. That’s what drives everything we do.

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Happy Adoption Day!

Adoption day! We are so honored to help another family finalize their adoption today! This family has been trying to complete their adoption for 2 years, so Attorney Hancock was delighted when they called to ask her to step in and help them they get it done. Today marks the end of a long journey for this family and the official beginning of a new and wonderful story of love.

Consideration Before Adding Yourself to Your Parents’ Deed

This article is not Florida specific but points to some important considerations. Too often, clients call us to fix these issues after the fact instead of seeking advice before making a mistake.

Perspective | Before putting your name on your parents’ deed, be sure to investigate the tax implications

Before putting your name on your parents’ deed, be sure to investigate the tax implications.

New Child Welfare Laws

Legislative Update: HB7065 was signed into law today, codifying a large child welfare package bill, which includes the following actions:

  • creates grants to address the needs of fathers & increase mentorship for at-risk boys
  • requires Florida’s child welfare system & home visit programs to increase services with and to fathers
  • directs DCF to contract for a Responsible Fatherhood Initiative to provide resources and inspiration to enhance the positive involvement of fathers with their children
  • requires DCF and the DJJ to identify children involved in both systems and report data to the legislature, including actions taken to better serve them
  • requires DoR ro provide information to those having difficulty paying child support
  • requires the DEO to expand programs serving noncustodial parents who are having difficulty paying child support.
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Happy National Dress Up Your Pets Day!

Here are Attorney Autumn’s dogs, Buster and Zeus, and her cat, Dogfood. The cat is less amused.

We can’t wait to see your pets!

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Early Child Tax Credits in Family Law Cases

A tip from Mangrove Financial for dealing with the early child tax credits. This issue is confusing to many and is discussed daily during our mediations or with our own clients.

If you received early child tax credits, those who received early payments in 2021 should be expecting Letter 6419 in the mail from the IRS that explains how much they received and how that number was calculated. The letter lets people know how to properly file their taxes by telling them how much they are still owed in child tax credit.

PLEASE don’t file your 1040 until you receive this letter. If the calculations on your return are incorrect it will significantly delay your refund.

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Happy Birthday, Trisha!

Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our amazing administrative assistant, Trisha!

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